A classic in fashion for decades and a regular trend: black! However, interiors in black have long been treated timidly. Too dark, too harsh, too uncomfortable. At the moment, however, the achromatic colour is experiencing an absolute hype in the interior and design world.

Whether as an interesting accent or bold in surfaces - our design examples show: classy and comfortable furnishing with black is possible and rightfully an absolute trend!

When furnishing with black, it is recommended to use combinations with warm shades. Natural materials such as cork or wood are ideal. Plants and subtle shades of luminous colour are also very suitable to complement the black look. This gives rooms a warm and cosy atmosphere, while at the same time creating a pleasant contrast that wonderfully emphasises the black accents.



Nimbus loves black. For many years, black has been the standard colour for many of our luminaires. It has a particularly high-quality effect in a noble matt finish on our aluminium surfaces. In combination with the minimalist design typical of Nimbus, our lights give every room a distinctive "edgy" look.