No glare, no mirroring.

No glare, no mirroring.

Contemporary architecture is characterised by open rooms, often with large window surfaces. These allow a large amount of daylight into the interior and have the visual effect of opening up the room.

This effect is reversed in the dark and the windows become mirrors, thus making the room appear smaller. At least that is the case with conventional lighting concepts using diffuse light distribution. Focused light from the Q FOUR retains transparency and visual openness. From dusk and throughout the evening until night-time. No more sense of confinement due to mirroring surfaces; the view and spatial openness are retained. But viewed from the outside, this precisely focused type of lighting considerably reduces the insight into your living area. Even with open curtains you don’t feel kind of being on show - thanks to the anti-glare lighting of the Q FOUR.

What is more, the Q FOUR family can be used to create islands of light in different areas, thus underlining the desired living concept and ensuring a sensation of well-being free from glare.

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