⬛️ BLACKBOX - next level innovation

⬛️ BLACKBOX - next level innovation

The Blackbox is a workshop of ideas in which furniture, light, space and connectivity are jointly rethought, planned and implemented. Specifically: a future laboratory for the most diverse uses of space in the field of commercial living.

A place that invites you to discover innovative light and space concepts for living and working - That is the Blackbox. A magical, mysterious space in Stuttgart's Römerkastell. Designed by the Häfele SE & Co KG and created by the Stuttgart-based creative agency jangled nerves, the Blackbox makes Nimbus luminaires a permanent fixture that can be used to create impressive lighting scenes.

What we're all about? To sustainably optimize the value and use of spaces and to technologically streamline processes in everyday operations. How can a room be used several times? How can it be easily and economically converted? How can it be made more emotional with good room and furniture lighting for different atmospheres? How do I organize individualized offerings in a guest- and operator-friendly way? These and other questions will be discussed and answered in the Blackbox.

⬛️ Here you can learn more about the Häfele Blackbox.

Photo credit: Gordon Koelmel

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