Louis et Marie Family

Louis et Marie Family

Ceiling luminaires

Ornament and crime - Marie and Louis not only share their names with their historical ancestors Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI but also the way their bodies have been "machined". In the 18th century this was a rather rudimentary process involving the guillotine and a scaffold but nowadays CNC milling machines allow a much finer "execution" that is more aesthetic than destructive in nature.

In 1896 Adolf Loos was fascinated by the words of Louis H. Sullivan: "It would be greatly for our aesthetic good if we should refrain entirely from the use of ornament for a period of years, in order that our thought might concentrate acutely upon the production of buildings well formed and comely in the nude." These words inspired Loos' 1908 polemic "Ornament and Crime", in which he argued that functionality and the absence of ornament were signs of a higher cultural development insofar as they saved human effort. However, this conclusion ignores the second, more important part of Sullivan's quote: "If we have then become well grounded in pure and simple forms we will reverse them ... We shall have learned, however, that ornament is mentally a luxury, not a necessary".

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