Modul R 49 Aqua

Ceiling luminaire, spray water resistant

Isometry - Modul R 49 Aqua

Ultra-flat LED ceiling luminaire with 10 mm thickness only, spray water resistant (IP 44) for protected outdoor areas and damp rooms, light distribution approx. 95 % direct beam, wide beam, additional ceiling lighting and very even, almost floor-to-ceiling illumination of walls by secondary light, flexible application by means of magnetic attachment, version for 24 volts DC, external converter required, this converter can be integrated in a suspended ceiling or an in-ceiling junction box, the mounting ring of the luminaire can be directly fastened to this in-ceiling junction box.

Please note the directions of use for our Aqua luminaires.

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  • Dimensions: Ø 200 × 10 mm (direct mounting), Ø 200 × 49 mm (cavity mounting)
  • Technology: LED-Technology
  • 24 V DC (without converter):
    2700 K 10,3 W CRI > 90
    3000 K 9,8 W CRI > 90
  • Flux: 1050 lm
  • Light distribution: 95 % direct beam
  • Protection type: IP 44



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