cool charging


After around 100 hours, the Roxxane Leggera CL needs a short stop for refuelling and has to be attached to its power cord. Thanks to the charging puck, this procedure almost takes care of itself with no need to bend down or search for a socket. The magnetic charging puck connects up with a discreet clack. Meanwhile, the equally discreet LED cascade indicates the charging status.

The powerhouse of the Roxxane Leggera CL is located in the base. That is where the high-quality and, of course, replaceable lithium-ion rechargeable battery stores power for up to 100 hours of operation. The LED cascade indicates the battery’s charging status and also whether or not boost mode is activated. If the power is running low, the battery can be quickly and easily topped up using the charging puck. If the puck is not at hand, the standardised USB-C charging port can be used.
What is more, the Roxxane Leggera CL has a powerbank port which can be used to charge smartphones and co., thus making the luminaire a genuine all-rounder.


Charging with an element of fun

Disconnecting the Roxxane Leggera CL from its charging puck is just as simple as the connection procedure: tap the charging puck lightly with the tip of your toe, raise the luminaire slightly and the Roxxane Leggera CL is free of its cord. Bending down is a thing of the past.