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Roxxane Leggera CL

The handle shows what this luminaire is all about. The Roxxane Leggera CL wants to be moved around, wants to be there wherever light is needed. With its striking design and ergonomic positioning, its handle turns the Roxxane Leggera CL into a lightweight “luminaire to go”. Light as a feather, it can be effortlessly transported from one room to the next, from the play area to the terrace, to the sofa or to your favourite spot by the window. And as it works without a cable thanks to the integrated battery pack, you don‘t need to search for a socket or worry about a tangle of wires.

36 light-emitting diodes in the freely tilting luminaire head generate a luminous flux of a full 400 lumens with a power requirement of just 4 watts. In boost mode this goes up to 800 lumens.
And the light quality is just as impressive as the lighting efficiency: designed as a home luminaire, the Roxxane Leggera CL produces a warm, homely light with a colour temperature of 2700 K and an excellent colour rendering index (CRI) of CRI >  90.

More living quality

The Roxxane Leggera CL has freed itself of its restricting cable and, like a good companion, is always there where you need it. Released from the restrictions of its cable, dimly lit corners are a thing of the past. That means more convenience, more freedom, more living quality.

The luminaire’s handling reflects the lightness of the design: With a weight of just 1150 or 1650 grams and with its eye-catching handle the Roxxane Leggera turns into a real “luminaire to go”.

More freedom

Mobile, cordless and extremely adaptable: the Roxxane Leggera CL adapts itself to your personal preference and can be placed anywhere you wish. Thanks to its precise, maintenance-free 3D joint, the luminaire head can be individually adjusted to suit a wide variety of lighting situations.

Using light and luminaires in brand new ways!

The cableless luminaire acts as a “portable power source” that not only provides light exactly where it is needed but also supplies your mobile phone with power – anytime and anywhere! Wherever you happen to be, simply use the smartphone holder positioned conveniently at the user’s eye-level. Real added value! The smartphone holder is suitable for all popular smartphones.