the future of cableless light

Winglet CL – Totally independent

The Winglet CL marks the beginning of a completely new era in room lighting: its integrated rechargeable battery allows installation anywhere you wish – totally independent of the availability of electrical connection points. In future, non-existent or wrongly positioned cable outlets will be no problem at all. The Winglet CL is simply attached to the wall bracket with its invisible, built-in magnet.
The diffuser is made of high-quality acrylic glass and emits light on both sides. This makes the Winglet ideal for atmospheric lighting in corridors, on staircases and in larger rooms.

Cunning angle

It is a striking design feature: the angle gives the Winglet CL its name and ensures that the surface behind the luminaire is illuminated too. The LEDs are built into the part of the diffuser facing the wall and feed their light laterally into the diffuser, which, thanks to the bend, emits its light equally onto the wall and into the room. This combination of direct and indirect light source generates a very soft, diffuse light.

A metal, self-adhesive wall bracket is used for mounting the luminaire on the wall. When it is time for recharging, the Winglet CL is removed from the wall, put into its specially developed box and connected to the power supply.


Gravity CL – Weightless light object

We have already done away with the need for a power cord. But unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to overcome gravity, which is why Gravity CL is held in position by a gossamer-thin, almost invisible wire. The luminaire itself is also so ethereal that it is hardly present – but when switched on, Gravity CL proves itself to be a real lighting giant with its 500 lumens.

Gravity CL is switched on and off and dimmed by means of touchless control via the integrated gesture sensor. The search for the right wall switch has been rendered unnecessary. If there is a row of adjacent luminaires, they communicate wirelessly with one another, are activated at the same time or dim to exactly the same level.

The fold principle

Gravity CL follows the same design principle as its wall-based relative, the Winglet. Once again, there is a striking fold, whereby the bend separates the technical part with the battery, sensor and LEDs from the actual light surface. Attached to the gossamer-thin steel wire, the suspended Gravity CL is simply plucked off for charging – and clicked backed on again later.