FAQ EU Product Registration database for Energy Labelling (EPREL)

The EU regulations 2019/2020 and 2019/2015 for the definition of ecodesign requirements apply to lamps and luminaires as of 01.09.2021.

What does this mean for you as a Nimbus customer?
Thanks to our sustainable design concepts, we are able to remove the light source (LED module) from the luminaires and replace it non-destructively in the event of a defect. Therefore, these luminaires are considered "surrounding product" and do not need to carry an energy label in the future.

What are the exceptions?
Exceptions apply to the Loox products and the Roxxane Fly CL. These are defined as a "light source" and fall under the energy label obligation. Energy efficiency class labels can be easily downloaded at the respective product.

Where can I find the energy efficiency classes?
The energy efficiency classes of all light sources can be found in the respective data sheets on our website. The data sheets can be downloaded as a PDF document directly from the product page.