FAQ Roxxane Fly Cableless Light

Why is my Roxxane Fly sometimes a little slow to react?

If the luminaire is switched off, the economical SLEEP MODE is activated after approx. 15 minutes to save energy and thus extend battery life. All functions remain active but the sensor reacts more slowly to the next command. The next sensor operation will set the luminaire back to STAND-BY MODE.

Which power adapter should I use to charge the Roxxane Fly?
For charging we recommend USB-Adaptors with an output power > 1 A or better the Nimbus power plug offered for our Roxxane Fly (item no. 554-677 / 5 V DC / 2, 1 A).

Can the Roxxane Fly be permanently connected to a power supply?
The luminaire can also be operated permanently with a suitable USB-Adaptor without any problem.

How long is Roxxane Fly's standby time?
When the main switch is switched on (on position) a fully charged Roxxane Fly has a standby time of approx. 25 days. After that period the luminaire should be recharged.
When the main switch is switched off (off position) a fully charged Roxxane Fly has a much longer standby time. In this case the luminaire can go for 3-4 months before it needs to be recharged.

How long does it take to charge a Roxxane Fly?
The charging time depends on the power adapter being used. We recommend USB-Adaptors with an output power > 1 A or the Nimbus power plug offered for our Roxxane Fly (item no. 554-677 / 5 V DC / 2, 1 A).
When charging from the USB port of a PC, charging takes longer and depends on the power available from the port. The luminaire should be switched off during this time to ensure reliable charging.

My Roxxane Fly won't charge anymore, what should I do?
All cableless luminaires from Nimbus are equipped with batteries from premium manufacturers to meet the highest quality standards. However, with Li-Ion batteries, as used in smartphones, tablets and notebooks, malfunctions cannot be completely excluded. If you encounter any problems with your battery, please contact our after-sales team directly, who will provide you with competent assistance. Please also note our instructions for battery care.

What's the cost of an out-of-warranty battery replacement?
The costs for the exchange of the battery of the Roxxane Fly are 67,00€ net plus VAT incl. shipping to the customer. The customer is responsible for sending the luminaire to Nimbus. Defective batteries must be removed before returning the luminaire. For further information, please contact our After Sales department. The price is valid for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, prices for other countries may vary. Please always contact our After-Sales-Team.

Finish and colours of the Roxxane Fly
The finish and colour range of the Roxxane Fly were thoroughly adapted to the formal design of the luminaire itself and its intended mobile use in living spaces. Here we quote the equivalent RAL or NCS codes to make it easy for planners and architects to place our custom colours into their established environments:

black matt - similar to RAL 9005
white matt - similar to RAL 9016
neon yellow matt - similar to RAL 1026
red matt - similar to NCS - S0580 - Y90R