Charming and independent

Charming and independent

Cosy evenings on the terrace or balcony may well go on until late. That is the time when the cableless, battery-powered Roxxane Fly CL and Roxxane Leggera CL LED luminaires come into their own. Both luminaires provide many hours of light without an external power supply and feature touchless dimming to the desired lighting atmosphere – a brand new feeling of freedom.

Whether you are reading a good book or enjoying good company, cableless Nimbus luminaires allow you to conjure up a variety of lighting atmospheres with just one single light source – from a bright reading light to an atmospheric lighting atmosphere. The luminaires can be dimmed using touchless gesture control – and will shine for up to 100 hours (Roxxane Leggera CL) depending on the level of brightness that is set. Before that, there is no need to recharge the batteries.

The team at Nimbus has come up with a charming charging procedure for the Roxxane Leggera CL: the luminaire only has to be moved towards the magnetic charging puck to connect it to the mains. A clearly audible "clack" signals that a connection has been made. Disconnecting Roxxane Leggera CL from the mains upon completion of the charging process is just as simple. Just give the magnetic dock a light tap with the tip of your toes and the luminaire can be lifted from the charging station.

"Cableless light is the future, and in five years battery-powered luminaires will be the state of the art in the home," forecasts Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, founder and CEO of the Nimbus Group. "We have only opened up a small crack in the door to a cableless world, and we have the feeling that there is huge potential out there for the future." The visionary design of the Roxxane Leggera CL recently won the Focus Open in Silver and the German Design Award – prizes that give fresh impetus to Brennenstuhl's innovative drive: together with his design team, he is currently developing other types of luminaire that generate cableless light without relying on predefined power outlets.