Product innovation CUBIC – pure light

Product innovation CUBIC – pure light

Everyone is familiar with the Nimbus Modul Q 36 – a lighting icon and the trademark of the Nimbus Group. For over 10 years now, the minimalistic luminaire has excited architects and their discerning clients all around the world. Distinguishing feature: the conical indentation.

Continuously adapted to the current state of the art, optimised, enriched by different versions and used for new applications but optically unchanged - until now!

We present: the new CUBIC! The luminaire's monolithic body with its gently rounded edges and noble, matt surface unmistakably shows the strong character of the original. By foregoing the conical indentations, the CUBIC completely reinterprets the Nimbus archetype.

Two surprisingly new and different features are its entirely closed harmonious surface and the even more strongly accentuated, serene, square form. The CUBIC completely blends in with the surrounding architecture and gives off a 100 percent antiglare, pleasant and soft light.

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