NEW: Office Air 2.0 – leading workplace luminaire of the next generation

NEW: Office Air 2.0 – leading workplace luminaire of the next generation

Virtually unchanged in its appearance, the lighting technology inside the Office Air LED 2.0 has been given a complete workover: new LED packages and optimised control electronics make it the best performing and most efficient LED workplace luminaire in its segment.

When the range was launched back in 2009, it was our aim to design an innovative family of workplace luminaires without following in familiar footsteps. The first LED generation of the Office Air radically redefined what was understood by office workplace luminaire. The Office Air was the first model in the world to break with the principles which previously applied to floor-standing luminaires, thereby opening up new trendsetting application possibilities with its strict separation of task light (direct light) and ambient light (indirect light).

The downward task light and the ambient light directed towards the ceiling can be switched separately from one another, which is a prerequisite for additional energy saving. The direct light is sufficient to illuminate a workplace uniformly and efficiently. As a lighting source in its own right, the upward-directed indirect light can be switched on to achieve the desired lighting atmosphere and brightness in the room. The new Office Air 2.0 Power produces a total luminous flux of up to 11,300 lm with just 85.8 watts, whereby the separately switched indirect light is sufficient to make additional basic lighting superfluous when the surroundings and lighting conditions allow and, in some room situations, even provides enough light for a two-person workstation.

The most significant detail of the workover is the two separated, capacitive and intuitively operated control units in the column of the luminaire. Thanks to pioneering dimming technology developed by Nimbus, the Office Air 2.0 boasts very gentle and 100% flicker-free dimming.

The new model features a small but significant difference to its predecessor: the Office Air has gained five centimetres in height – perhaps not much, but this growth is critical is terms of adaptation to changing working environments, many of which feature height-adjustable desks.

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