Winglet – award-winner in "Gold"

Winglet – award-winner in

Two innovations, two awards: The Nimbus Group's two latest innovations have received the prestigious design awards Focus Open and the German Design Award 2018. The honours went to the cableless, battery-powered Winglet wall luminaire and Lighting Pad – the innovative light/acoustic element that merges light and acoustics.

The cableless Winglet even succeeded in achieving "Gold" status at Focus Open, Baden-Württemberg's international design award. On 13th October, this success was duly celebrated with Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl and the designer Rupert Kopp among those taking to the stage.

The compact wall luminaire can be used to create sophisticated room and atmospheric lighting in any conceivable location without the need for labour-intensive planning and installation. Even before its launch, the Winglet CL has been nominated for the renowned German Design Award 2018 presented by the German Design Council.


Like the previously developed Roxxane Fly CL and Roxxane Leggera CL, the design of this LED luminaire was inspired by the vision of creating cableless light that does not rely on power outlets. The Winglet CL now opens up further uses in the home: it creates pleasant room and atmospheric lighting while offering the user the freedom to use the luminaire in unusual places.

The most noticeable design element is the bend along the lighting surface. This enables light emission on both sides through a soft diffuser made of high-quality acrylic glass. The light emitted is soft and diffuse, and creates a high-quality, atmospheric lighting atmosphere. The Winglet CL shines reliably for up to 100 hours, which, in practice, means 1–2 moths without recharging. The luminaire is removed from the wall for recharging in just one simple manual operation – and then elegantly placed in the device that Nimbus has christened its "Basket Charger". All luminaires are charged together in the "Basket Charger" and effortlessly replaced on the wall at the end of the charging procedure.

Equipped with an ambient light and presence detection sensor, the Winglet CL gives the user maximum ease of control. Furthermore, a variety of modes allow individual setting in line with the user's needs. For example, if required, the luminaire switches itself on when motion or darkness is detected and switches itself off again after a freely selectable period of time. Moreover, the luminaires work according to the swarm principle. If one Winglet is activated, all luminaires within the group communicate wirelessly with one another, switch themselves on simultaneously or dim to an identical level.

The nomination for the for German Design Award 2018 is for Nimbus CEO Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl "an important signal. Cableless has now taken centre stage and is attracting an increasing number of fans."

Winglet CL will be available in the colours black and white, start of delivery will be November 2017.