Light + Building 2018 from the Nimbus perspective

Light + Building 2018 from the Nimbus perspective

140 square metres, 800 metres of scaffolding, over 100 LED luminaires, 30 Nimbus employees and a stand concept that polarised – Light + Building 2018 was more exciting than ever for Nimbus. How did we experience the fair? Take a look back with us.

Three distinct topics

Nimbus presented three topics at the fair: cableless light, shaped light and light meets acoustics.

Nimbus has consistently advanced the development of cableless light with the Winglet CL wall luminaire launched in 2017 and the brand new Gravity CL suspended luminaire. The luminaires are completely independent of any power source – the user has never been so free in deciding where to position his room lighting!

"Shaped light" is demonstrated by the new Q modules – Q ONE, Q FOUR and Q FOUR TT – light sources that remain completely in the background. They remain true to the minimalistic design of the Modul Q family but also provide directed light.

In the Lighting Pad, an acoustically effective light module, Nimbus showed the successful symbiosis of light and acoustics in a single product that has already won the German Design Award.

You can find more information about the products HERE

The continued development of cableless light and the combination of light and acoustics may seem like a kind of evolution – but for Nimbus these topics mean a genuine revolution in the use of light. Hence the fair motto: (R)EVOLUTION. Duden defines a revolution as a radical change, an upheaval in the established order. We wanted to reflect this in our fair stand.

From wooden crate to sculpture

"The idea this time was to reduce the stand concept to a sustainable wooden crate. The result was an architectural sculpture." That is how Nimbus CEO Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl summed up the stand. The company opted for totally dismantlable steel scaffolding in combination with pine. The fair stand was open on three sides and featured a gallery, thus providing the stage for the presentation of the three major new topics. It was conceptualised by Ockert und Partner. The focus was on sustainability, whereby there was almost nothing requiring disposal after the fair. The scaffolding is back in service on Germany's building sites (although it was almost bought off us on the stand). The pine panels are being reused in Nimbus's MOCK-UP showroom, with some being donated to a workshop for the disabled.

"That's Nimbus!"

The stand's rugged charm didn't fail to make an impact. At first, there was some uncertainty within Nimbus as to whether the concept would be understood. "But when the first visitors came and were enthusiastic about the stand, the ice was well and truly broken. The stand shone from within itself," says Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl. One of our employees from Sales thinks that the stand took Nimbus back to its roots: "On more than one occasion, I heard people say: 'That's the Nimbus we know and love'". He saw the Lighting Pad as a highlight and an attraction at the same time – "simply because it is something completely new". Whereas Nimbus previously saw the new product mainly in the project business, the fair showed that there is also great demand in the private field. "That's good to know," he says.

The stand stood apart from the rest of the fair – on several occasions visitors stopped to appreciate the steel and wood construction, which Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl took as a good sign: "It went on throughout the entire fair. We had a good, warm feeling about having created a stage for our revolution that stood out powerfully and self-confidently from the assortment of surrounding stands."