Circulation workout

Circulation workout

The NEST research and innovation building is a real-life experiment designed to demonstrate how new technologies, materials and systems work, and how their development can be advanced in a meaningful way. Nimbus is in the Urban Mining & Recycling Experimental Unit part of the project.

As a pioneer in the field of LED, Nimbus has championed the cause of the economical use of energy and raw materials right from the very beginning, and so it is very fitting that over 50 Nimbus luminaires our now shining in the "NEST", where they light up the Urban Mining & Recycling (UMAR) Experimental Unit, designed by the Stuttgart-based architect and engineer Werner Sobek together with Dirk Hebel and Felix Heisel from the KIT. In order to experiment with the intelligent use of resources in the construction sector, the unit was built exclusively using reusable, recyclable or compostable materials and products, which can be separated and returned to their material cycles without any residues. A building not only as a place to live and work but also as a material stock for future generations? Find out more about this exciting project HERE.