Leggera CL Ruby Red X Graphite Grey

Leggera CL Ruby Red X Graphite Grey

Opposites attract; they are interesting and dynamic. This principle is frequently applied in interior design to lend rooms an air of liveliness and balance: starkly contrasting black and white, hard and soft materials such as wood and concrete or subdued and bright colours combine in harmonious interplay.

In its new colours for the Leggera 101 – ruby red and graphite grey – Nimbus is offering a cosy pair of colours that come together to form an appealing entity thanks to the intentional contrast.

A playful arrangement of warm and cool

No other colour has such a sensuous, warm and energy-laden impact as red. Ruby red has a strong yet warm charisma that is hard to resist. To balance this effect, we have a placed a powerful yet discreet graphite grey by its side, which lends the duo a dignified and clean look. Together they add just the right amount of spice to fittings and furniture – well dosed red surprises the eye and gives warmth; cool grey has a distinguished look and is currently en vogue as THE colour for furniture and kitchens. The perfect mixture of a bold statement colour and cosy elegance for every ambience.

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