pCon Update

pCon Update

We have significantly expanded our selection for the pCon Planner! Our complete Roxxane luminaire family, the new Lighting Pad Lounge and many other popular project luminaires are now available as OFML data for the pCon Planner! Thus, you can now plan your projects with our design icons even more easily and quickly.

You can access the following luminaires in pCon Planner:

• Lighting Pad Lounge
• Roxxane family
• Q Four family
• Lighting Pad
• Module Project ceiling luminaires (Q/R 220, 280, 340)
• Module Project suspended luminaires (Q/R 220, 280, 340, 600, 900, 1200)
• Force One + POWER
• Office Air 2.0 + POWER
• L120

How to download

If you are already using the pCon Planner, please start at point 3

  1. Register here for the pCon Planner
  2. Download and install the "pCon Planner ME"
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Select and subscribe to "nimbus" in the manufacturer directory
  5. Download and install the "pCon Update Data Client"
  6. After the authorization by us, you can install the OFML data into the pCon Planner using the "pCon Update Data Client". The data is then displayed in the Planner under "Products" and can be used.