Pad is b(l)ack!

Pad is b(l)ack!

Elegant, timeless, powerful: Now that the new Lighting Pad Lounge is available with a fleece variant in Black ink, the Lighting Pad as well as the Rossoacoustic Pad will also be supplemented by this deep black color variant.

Lighting Pad Black ink

Time for contrasts: Bright architecture and matching interior design give rooms an inviting and spacious look. Colorful accents help to guide the eye and visually structure the room. Black is both a classic and fashionable choice. With the Lighting Pad Lounge in Black ink, the light-flooded character is maintained, because the appropriate lighting is already on board.

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Rossoacoustic Pad Black ink

Acoustic Pad goes bold: Those who don't like colorful sound absorbers can now opt for powerful and modern black in all our Pad variants. Those who know us are well aware that we love black and want to see even more offices and workplaces in our favorite color in the future.

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