You won't believe your ears

You won't believe your ears

The employees at Rohde & Schwarz would never have expected that room acoustics in expansive open-plan offices could be so pleasant. But it's no surprise to us. After all, that is precisely the reason why we developed the Rossoacoustic PAD range and the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system.

Transparent honeycomb panels from the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system as desk-mounted partitions together with acoustic pads from the Rossoacoustic PAD range combine with coarsely textured lightweight wood wool panels on the ceiling in the historic industrial building from 1916 not only to create a charming fusion of textures and material qualities but also to ensure that employees can concentrate on their work without distractions. This refurbishment project for Rohde & Schwarz gives some idea of what our acoustically effective projects are able to do. To get a more complete picture, take a look at the other projects we have realized.