Ray of comfort

Ray of comfort

Incurably ill children and their families find a home and a place of rest in the children's and young people's hospice in the former Villa Wittmann in Stuttgart. In conjunction with many other aspects, the sensitive lighting design plays a crucial role in enabling the children and their families to feel as comfortable as possible in the hospice.

A difficult path lies ahead of the families in the children's and young people's hospice in Diemershaldenstrasse in Stuttgart. That made it all the more important to all involved in the planning to make the rooms warm and cosy. The Nimbus Group with CEO and architect Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl was involved in the lighting design at an early stage and provided the lighting for the outdoor areas and receptions area through to the therapy units, children's rooms and parents' apartments as well as for the farewell room. The company collaborated with the architect Rolf Mühleisen on the planning and donated many of the luminaires to the facility.

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