Focussed light with the ceiling luminaires Q ONE and Q FOUR

Focussed light with the ceiling luminaires Q ONE and Q FOUR

Excellent light quality, a precise lighting effect and a light source that is practically invisible: the new ceiling luminaires Q ONE, Q FOUR and Q FOUR TT round off the lighting designer's toolkit and open up new areas for using directed light.

In the new Generation Q ceiling luminaires, special focus has been placed on optimised glare suppression and a precise, focused lighting effect. Q ONE, Q FOUR and Q FOUR TT integrate Bartenbach lenses with either one or four high-performance LEDs. As light sources, the modules retreat completely into the background, the light shines "from behind the scenes".

While Q ONE is a glare-free wallwasher, Q FOUR provides a focussed light. The variant Q FOUR TT is rotatable and tiltable just like the Modul Q TT variants. Thus it provides a focused spotlight on the wall.

Minimalistic design

The classical Modul Q, which is still available in the Nimbus portfolio, is characterised by its significant conical indentations, developed by Nimbus at the time for the purpose of glare suppression. The new Q ONE and Q FOUR display the same form and outer dimensions but differ in their elegant underside view with gentle, flowing forms and surfaces, which contribute to the optimised and harmonious glare suppression. Q ONE, Q FOUR and Q FOUR TT are available in the colours black and white.

Nimbus CEO Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl characterises the lighting effect thus: "The light emitted is of extraordinary brilliance. The intensity and power with which it strikes surfaces and objects come as something of a surprise – while at the same time it also radiates an impressive warmth and cosiness."