Acoustic light in a new dimension - Lighting Pad 600

Acoustic light in a new dimension - Lighting Pad 600

Two new variants of the acoustic luminaire Lighting Pad have been launched: Lighting Pad Q 600 and R 600. The novelty with its smaller dimensions provides even more flexibility in the light-acoustics-planning and opens up new application areas.

The square Lighting Pad Q 600 has dimensions of 600 x 600 milimeters and the round Lighting Pad R 600 has a diameter of 696 milimeters. The new variants of the highly effective, sound absorbing acoustic pendant luminaire are thus a little smaller than the Lighting Pad Q and R 900.

More flexibility while planning

The Lighting Pad can be used in almost any application area in which a high-end light and acoustics solution is demanded: In private living spaces it can create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Different spatial zones can be built as well. The Lighting Pad is available in different formats, colours and sizes and makes it possible to react flexibly to spatial specifications and to develop individual solutions - as a standing alone luminaire or in groups and homogenous structures.

Acoustically effective and with a brilliant light

Like all variants the new Lighting Pad Q 600 and R 600 integrate a highly effective sound absorber behind the fleece surface. The light source remains almost invisible. Only close up the small high-performance LEDs integrated in the pad become visible. These LEDs enable a very high luminous efficacy for atmospheric islands of light. They emit a brilliant, high-quality, glare-free light through so-called free-form lenses developed by the renowned Bartenbach laboratory.

At the same time the Lighting Pad is acousticalley effective with its height of only 52 milimetes. "Acoustic light" is the term implemented by Nimbus Group for the capacity of the Lighting Pad, which combines both areas of competence of the Nimbus Group in one single product: light meets acoustics.

"The Lighting Pad is an excellent sound absorber of the absorption classes A and B and thus an ideal solution for communicative rooms with a high demand of sound intelligibility", states Nimbus CEO of Nimbus Group Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl.