Frobese work environments, Hanover

"Our work with frobese GmbH Informatikservices was characterised by a great deal of openness: we saw what the team means by collaboration and how they put it into practice. We also witnessed the authenticity of the top management and how they not only pay lip service to team power, new work and sustainability because they are the current fashion but live them as part of their corporate culture." That is the impression gained by Dilek Ruf, an architect and managing director at BBU.PROJEKT ARCHITEKTEN BDA in Hanover, who reported enthusiastically about her work for the Hanover-based IT service provider. Together with her team, she developed work environments that translated the company's outlook into spaces. The result is a successful combination of the ultramodern and the familiar: quiet zones and spaces for informal conversation alternate with conventional and temporary workplaces. The colour and material designs feature shades of blue from azure to light turquoise, shades of grey and some bold splashes of colour as well as a material mix comprising exposed concrete, felt and solid wood. All these combine to lend the spaces warmth and a sense of homeliness. The concept includes Lighting PADs, Rossoacoustic PADs and Nimbus Modul R suspended luminaires, which harmonise with the overall concept while also making the spaces more inviting. As Dilek Ruf explains: "The right balance between transparency and privacy, functionality and flexibility, neutrality and design is different for each individual company. It seems our spaces struck the right balance for frobese: a few months after the handover, we are delighted with the positive feedback we have received."

Project data

  • Builder: Frobese GmbH, Hannover /Krasemann Immobilien Management, Hannover
  • Planning: BBU.PROJEKT ARCHITEKTEN BDA, Architektin BDA Dilek Ruf (GF)
  • Tags: Working,Communication Zones
  • Realisation: 2021
  • Photographer: BBU.PROJEKT ARCHITEKTEN BDA/Jörg Hempel Fotografie