V8cht Restaurant and Bar, Vienna (AT)

"The food and drink are the stars of a restaurant." That is how the architect Matthäus Wagner describes how he and his colleague Sebastian Illichmann approached the design to V8cht. Exclusive in appearance, the restaurant with bar and lounge is situated on the third floor of the new Classic Depot in Vienna, where vintage cars, collectors' vehicle and sports car are housed and lovingly looked after. With its aesthetic ambience and selected culinary highlights, the V8cht is a place that invites guests to linger. In their design, the architects Illichmann and Wagner set great store by the use of simple materials and a clear separation of functions. For example, all vertical surfaces are made of sheet steel whereas the horizontal surfaces of the tables as well as the floors and ceilings are made of wood. Describing their concept, Wagner and Illichmann, who were also responsible for planning the lighting, stated: "The design is meant to be very discreet, thereby giving priority to the use of space, with the light from the luminaires above the tables highlighting the food and drink." They went on to explain: "The Nimbus products are simple and have a beautiful form; the Lighting Pads above the tables also have an acoustic function." Spending time at the V8cht is therefore enjoyable in more ways than one. And when an event is held on one of the restaurant's roof terraces, there is yet another small surprise in store: when the atmosphere begins to reach fever pitch, bold guests can even freshen up under one of the two outdoor showers.

Project data

  • Builder: Clemens Stiegholzer, Vienna (AT)
  • Planning: DI Matthäus Wagner, Vienna (AT) + DI Sebastian Illichmann, Vienna (AT)
  • Tags: Restaurant,Bar,Lounge,Relaxing,Receiving Visitors,Providing Access
  • Realisation: 2021
  • Photographer: Kurt Kuball, Vienna (AT)